Sheila K. Brown

"Remote Working & Side Hustle Strategist"

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Sheila's Clients Include:


Seth Hymes
Demand Career

I cannot recommend her highly enough...

"Sheila's no nonsense insight and support helped me go from Wantrapeneur to Entrepreneur, guiding me to launch my first online business and leading to my current six figure career. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Britni Danielle
Writer, Best-Selling Author

It’s Been An Amazing Ride So Far...

”Just popping in to share the news that my latest book is here! Without Sheila Brown planting the seed about passive income via books, I may not have written one (and now I’m up to 3). It’s been an amazing ride so far!”

I couldn't recommend anyone better than Sheila Brown...

"When it came to finding the right person to share how to map out and create your dream life for the attendees of my $13k Laptop Lifestyle Mastermind, I was looking for someone who wasn't just talk. I wanted someone who has integrity and actually lives and breathes the process and not just some "guru" who talks about it. Sheila Brown is all this and more! Her 'Dream Mapping Process' that she shared with my attendees was truly transformational with rave reviews - everyone loved it including myself! If you're looking for results- not just talk- with a fun loving, straight talking, and 'holding your ass to the fire to ensure you do what you need to' coaching - then I couldn't recommend anyone better than Sheila Brown."

Sanjiv Gurram

l was drawn in by Sheila's personal story of growth...

"My first encounter with Sheila's amazing mind was during the webinar: 'Strategies For Earning Quick Cash'. l was drawn in by her personal story of growth and rebuilding and loved that she was willing to share this information with me. The webinar was so helpful that I purchased the download after."

C.J. Moore
The Burgeoning Palate
Amanda Malone
Mommy Entrepreneur

Sheila has helped me change my mindset...

"Sheila has helped me in many ways. Sheila has helped me change my mindset! I am now able to find the positive in any situation and I am confident enough to know I can handle any problem thrown my way. Sheila also opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities available to me working online with a schedule that fits around my family and lifestyle. Thanks to Sheila I now know how easy and rewarding it is to create and sell my own information products from the comfort of my home to create Portable Incomes."

Jevon Davis

Sheila You Are A Trailblazer...

"I was watching a sermon about experiencing life outside of your "street corner" and the main person that popped into my head was Sheila Brown. Sheila you are a trailblazer for all those that are on the edge of changing their lives to just get out and seek new experiences for a fulfilling life."

Working with Sheila was one of the best decisions...

"Sheila Brown helped me to clarify my vision, create action steps toward accomplishing my goals, and she connected me to people and resources for research, guidance and inspiration. Working with her was one of the best decisions I could have made."

Kanika Double’
Educator, Youth Mentor, Creative Writer
Christa Colwell

Sheila can drill down to what matters most...

"Sheila has an amazing gift of helping people realize their potential and achieve their goals. Utilizing her astute listening skills, Sheila can drill down to what matters most and what is blocking your success fostering a genuine relationship based on mutual respect and trust. She has helped me in both my professional and personal life to clear my own path in order to live to my highest potential of prosperity and freedom! I am forever grateful to her for the ways in which she has impacted my life."

Laala Yasmin

Your “Emergency Cash Strategies” video really paid off...

"Please share this quote without editing it. Your “Emergency Cash Strategies” video really paid off quickly. Multiple people in my life found money owed to them – within 2 weeks they received checks for $700 - $2100! Isn’t that amazing!!! Thanks for sharing these valuable tips!"

Who Is Sheila Brown

Sheila Brown is a powerhouse World Traveler, Business Consultant, Best Selling Author and Internet Marketing Coach, that helps aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs build more income streams to enjoy Lives of Freedom. She has traveled to over 34 countries, 130+ cities and has relocated to both Thailand and the beautiful - Caribbean, where she lived her oceanfront dream life! Sheila is the Creator of the best selling online course, Find a Dope Remote Joba 6-module online course that has helped students worldwide learn how to escape the cubicle and enter the exciting world of Working Remotely! Sheila is also the co-founder of Portable Incomes, a 6 module online course that shows how to create portable income streams.